casterra - Integrated castor cultivation solution based on innovative technology

About us


Casterra offers an integrated solution based on all essential cultivation components to enable industrialized cultivation that supports a steady and stable supply of castor grains to the castor oil value chain. As a result, Casterra is leading a change in the castor industry, turning castor crop into an industrialized single-season crop.
Casterra employs advanced breeding technologies using unparalleled genetics knowledge to breed stable castor varieties that can be cultivated using mechanized agro-technical practices.
Casterra is securing the cultivation results by diminishing the expected losses through its proprietary, developed, cost-effective machinery explicitly designed for castor beans: harvesting header and dehulling machine.
Agronomical support provided by Casterra agronomists, delivers accumulated knowledge, and profound know-how on the castor plant needs to enable best cultivation practices that bring high yield and high oil content.
Casterra offers the best economical solution through excellent agro and technical solutions combined with superior genetics of its seed varieties. It is essentially creating a continuous, high-quality supply of grains.

Casterra is a fully-owned subsidiary of Evogene (NASDAQ: EVGN), a leading computational biology company.
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Saving the environment by supporting the bio-based materials market continues growth


Following the bio-based industries (biofuel, biopolymers) needs and enabling their successful growth through solutions that integrate accumulated experience, innovation, technology, and intelligent use of Agri inputs.

Our value proposition

  • Sustainability – addressing the major environmental global challenges through advanced integrated agricultural solutions that ensure proper soil and means utilization that supports the global movement to environmentally friendly industries like Biofuel, biopolymers, and similar.
  • Technology & Innovation – on the quest for continuous improvement, using cutting-edge technologies throughout its solution, Leveraging its mother company (Evogene) and its computational engine (GeneRator AI) to develop the best genetics possible for its seeds. Collaborating and inventing with leaders in their industry – machinery – Fantini and other
  • Confidence – securing the best economic result for the grower through an integrated solution that generates high yields with high oil content and minimized losses during harvest and processing.
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