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The Team


Yoash Zohar Photo

Yoash Zohar


Mr. Yoash Zohar serves as the  CEO of Casterra. Prior to joining Casterra, Mr. Zohar held key positions in various international agricultural ventures. As the former COO of Global Group, he spearheaded renewable energy projects and investments in early-stage technological startups. Mr. Zohar’s previous roles include Managing Director of Global Group South Sudan, and CEO positions in Ethiopia and Ukraine, overseeing large-scale irrigated field crops and vegetables projects. Mr. Zohar diverse background also includes independent consulting and supplier roles in Ethiopia, Angola, and Israel, focusing on sectors such as sugar cane and fruit and vegetable exports.

Mr. Zohar holds a B.A. in Architecture and Urban Design from “Hasviva” College, Tel-Aviv.

Yinon Plesser Photo

Yinon Plesser

Director of Production and Logistics

Mr. Yinon Plesser is the Director of Production & Logistics of Casterra. Mr. Plesser has over 15 years of experience in Biotech companies in operations and seed production.

Prior to joining Evogene, Mr. Plesser served as Cut Flower Production Manager at Danziger, a prominent player in the floriculture industry. Mr. Plesser has held various positions within Evogene group between 2010 to 2017, most recently as VP of Operations and Seed Production. Previously, Mr. Plesser served as Seed Production Unit Manager at Hazera Genetics.

Mr. Plesser holds a B.Sc in Agronomy from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and an MBA from Bar-Ilan University.

Eran Yossov Photo

Eran Yossov

Head of Breeding

Mr. Eran Yossov is the Head of Breeding of Casterra. Mr. Yossov has over 20 years of professional experience in biotech companies. Before joining Casterra, Mr. Yossov held the role of Product Manager for Bedding Plants at Danziger, a prominent player in the floriculture industry. He also contributed his knowledge and skills to various biotech companies, including Bio Bee and Hazera Seeds, in a range of significant roles.

Mr. Yossov holds an M.Sc. in Agronomy from Ben-Gurion University and an MBA from Ben-Gurion University.

Karel Los

Karel Los

Market Development Agronomist – Latin America

Mr. Karel Los is a highly experienced professional with over 30 years in Brazilian agribusiness. His expertise spans operational, administrative, and commercial areas, with a focus on the agricultural sector. Mr. Los has managed agricultural enterprises, worked with research, and as an agronomic consultant. With a specialization in no-till farming in the Brazilian “Cerrado” region, Mr. Los has more than 20 years of hands-on experience in Brazilian states like Maranhão, Piauí, Tocantins, and Bahia (MAPITOBA). His knowledge extends to castor production, where he made significant contributions to the development of the castor growth protocol at Evogene from 2012 to 2016.
Mr. Los holds a B.Sc in Agronomy and Crop Science from the State University of Maranhão in Brazil.



Mr. Ofer Haviv

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Ofer Haviv holds the position of Evogene’s President and CEO as of late 2004. Prior to that he held the positions of company COO and CFO from 2002 to 2004 and was involved in Evogene’s spin-off from Compugen in 2002. At Compugen, he held the position of Director of Finance and Treasurer of Compugen (NASDAQ: CGEN) for four years, during which time the company completed two private placements and an IPO on NASDAQ
Mr. Haviv holds a B.A. degree in Economics and Accounting from Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University and is a Certified Public Accountant in Israel.


Mr. Eyal Ronen

Board Member

Mr. Eyal Ronen holds the position of Executive Vice President of Business Development at Evogene.

Mr. Ronen has over 20 years of extensive business development experience in biotech companies. Mr. Ronen’s prior experience includes Vice President of Business Development at TransAlgae, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development at Fotonica, VP of Sales at STK Bio Ag Technologies, CTO and Co-Founder at Seanovo, Growth Department Manager at Gadot, and Director of South America at Haifa Chemicals.
Mr. Ronen holds a B.Sc in Agronomy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, an M.Sc. in Agronomy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and an MBA from Haifa University.

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